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Romano Capital provides better than
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About Romano

Preserving capital and building wealth in every fund, loan, and project.

CP200 Investment Fund

Capital Preservation 200 (CP200)  strategically invests in and manages a mix of short-term, first-position loans with the goal of providing investors a cash-yielding, predictable return.

RCIF Investment Fund

Romano Capital Investment Fund strategically invests in a diverse range of real estate assets, aiming to provide investors with a predictable blended return while effectively managing risk through diversification. 

Vetting Alternative Investments

How is the investment regulated?  What is sponsor’s track record and motivation?  How transparent is the offer?

Eleva Investment Fund

The Eleva investment Fund is a Clark County, WA multifamily opportunity for accredited investors. Listen to Romano Capital’s principal Kess Romano and the investment team speak about the future opportunity in Eleva. 

At Romano Capital, risk mitigation is the foundation of our approach

• Expert accredited financial professionals

• Co-investment alongside our investors

• Full transparency for stakeholders

Diversify Your Wealth

We are here to help find the right alternative investment for you