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>> Strategy

Our strategic blueprint comprises key elements focusing on 

  • Debt Management: Romano Capital navigates real estate debt judiciously, optimizing levels based on market conditions for each venture, balancing protection and advantage.
  • Prime Locations: We meticulously select strategic locations, leveraging geography to amplify property value and cater precisely to community needs.
  • Adaptability: Prioritizing long-term gains over quick returns, we commit to retaining investments, ensuring stability amid market fluctuations while unlocking asset potential.
  • Time-of-Life Focus: Tailoring decisions to demographic trends, we align investments with specific life stages, ensuring ongoing portfolio relevance.
  • Dynamic Investment Options: Offering diverse investment avenues – long-term, tax-efficient, cash-producing, and fixed debt alternatives – enabling alignment with overarching investment strategies.

>> An Overview of Romano Capital

We operate primarily in the Clark County, Washington and Portland, Oregon metropolitan areas where our relationships and local knowledge give us an advantage with mitigated risk. Romano’s investors are the core of our business. We recognize the value of investing in our community and we appreciate the tangible opportunities these investments produce.

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Kess Romano

President & CEO, Principal

Korban Romano

EVP, Principal

Eric Christensen

Chief Operating Officer 

Jeff Siegal

Chief Financial Officer

Ted Cassel

VP of Investments

Stephanie Koch

VP of Lending

Greg McGreevey

VP of Development

Dan Friesen

Director of Land Development

Brian Sterling

Director of Finance

David Robinson

General Counsel

Steve McFarland

Associate General Counsel

Jack Blaylock

Director of Portfolio Management

Nikole Williams

Director of Marketing

Chris Catalano



Brian Dillon

Investment Manager

Anthony Stohl

Asset Manager

Nate Kutch

Senior Investment Associate

Kameron Wilkinson

Investment Associate

Hanna Jensen

Investment Associate

Chrissy Cole

Outside Investment Sales

Andrew Bielat

Outside Investment Sales


Neil Markuson

Assistant Controller

Alex Radar

Account Manager

Melissa French


Jason Miles

Finance Assistant


Stacey Shields

Director of Entitlements

Teresa Felton

Senior Project Administer

Morgan Jackson

Assistant Project Manager

Sean Stehman

Owner’s Representative 


Jeremiah Romano

Warranty Manager

Erron DeLoach

Property Maintenance

Derek Dahl

Senior Marketing Designer

Kaylee Gould

Finance Assistant

Elise Felton

Administrative Assistant


Romano prioritizes local engagement and expertise, directing their investments towards their own community. With deep roots in Clark County spanning years, Romano is committed to enhancing property values and addressing the specific needs of their community through strategic investments.

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