Advantages of Alternative Investing in Real Estate with Romano Capital

July 25, 2023 at 12:15 pm PST

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Among the vast array of investment options available today, alternative investing is becoming increasingly appealing compared to traditional investments. This form of investing offers numerous advantages, including an inflation hedge, diversification, and passive income from assets that generally exhibit lower volatility than traditional exchange-traded investments.

Romano Capital sponsors a range of funds that focus on investments in private money lending, single-family communities, multifamily projects, and land banking. These funds present a variety of opportunities for investors, encompassing both equity and debt investment options.

The investments offered by Romano Capital are designed with the goal of “Preservation of Investor Capital” in mind. To achieve this, we prioritize the interests of our investors by adopting a conservative approach to real estate and debt investments. We invest alongside our clients and partners, often taking the same position as any investor in the offering. This commitment to preserving investor capital is evident in our real estate development funds, which maintain conservative Loan-to-Costs and Loan-to-Values ratios. Our lending funds operate similarly, providing loans at conservative rates of 50- 70% loan to value of the underlying collateral.

What sets Romano’s approach to alternative investment in real estate apart? All real estate investments, from REITs (real estate investment trusts) to direct ownership of property, are considered alternative investments. At Romano, we offer investors the opportunity to have direct ownership in developments and real estate securities without the hassle of managing ornery tenants, rugged subcontractors, and difficult borrowers.

Romano Capital aims for returns in the range of 8-14% for equity investments and 5-9% for debt investments, depending on the asset, fund structure, and risk profile. Our track record speaks for itself and is the reason we have contributed over $500 million to finished development in Clark County.

Whether you are considering adding alternative investments to your existing portfolio or embarking on your investing journey, visit or call (360) 952-3811 to learn more about the investment opportunities available with Romano Capital.

*This article was first published in Greet Camas magazine August 2023 issue.