Advantages of Scale In Real Estate Investing

Published in The Columbian: November 17, 2021

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There is a lot of money in circulation right now, making this a great time to consider alternative investments. Traditional investments, like stocks or bonds, are a very common part of most investment strategies, although most can benefit by also investing in alternatives like real estate. Real estate presents a natural hedge against inflation and complements traditional investing because it responds to different market pressures; and the market for real estate is very strong right now.

When considering how to begin investing in real estate, there is more than one way to go about it, and what you ultimately decide will depend upon what exactly you’re looking to do with your investment.

If you have the time and desire, you can buy, manage and maintain the property yourself. In that case, you’ll be doing the heavy lifting, as it’ll be up to you to handle just about everything that goes into property-owning. You’ll have to make sure the property and improvements are maintained. You’ll have to find renters to live there and deal with the turnover.

You’re opening yourself to the risk of property and homeownership, combined with the potential risks that come with renting your property to others. You are responsible for all the maintenance, management, and exposure if something catastrophic happens. If you’re looking to invest your money in something, but not as much of your time, there may be a better option.

You can invest your money with a company that has the ability to scale your resources, such as Romano Capital. We have the professional expertise and access to capital to handle your investment. We can give your investment the knowledge, time, and resources needed for it to be a success.

When you work with a company that develops, invests, and builds real estate, you’re getting the benefit of scale on your investment. The primary advantages of scale in real estate investing are diversification of risk and access to capital. A real estate investor could own one rental home or 10% of ten rental homes. The cost to the investor would be the same, but the risk is concentrated in one home and diversified in ten. In addition, a larger real estate holder with access to capital has the resources to maintain its investments when market conditions are unfavorable.

Romano Capital is the best place to turn for help with your real estate investing. We are a vertically-integrated, alternative investment company. Our financial professionals are audited and regulated. We not only manage investments, but we also develop and manage the properties as well.

We believe in full transparency with our investors and want them to feel secure in their investments by knowing that we invest our own money into each project. We want these projects to be successful just like you do because we’re investing with you. We don’t just build the projects. Romano also owns construction and property management subsidiaries to increase efficiencies and investor returns.

Another reason you can trust Romano with your investments is that we invest in our community. Romano employees live in the Clark County area they develop, so they know all the players and rules of developing locally. But not only that, they’re not going to invest in anything they wouldn’t want to see in their own community, so you can feel confident that each Romano-managed investment is handled with knowledge and care.