Capital Preservation 200 – CP200

First position real estate loans


The Capital Preservation 200 (CP200) fund is currently being designed and expected to become available for investment in early 2021. It will function very similarly to the existing Capital Preservation 100 (CP100) with a few key differences. Where CP100 investors receive a set return based upon the terms of a promissory note, CP200 investors will become members of the company and share in the profits generated by its investment activities. In this way, investors will be positioned to achieve higher returns than they would as a note holder, but the amount of that return will be based on the Fund’s actual performance. At $100 million, the Fund will also be much larger than CP100, which will serve to increase investor return consistency through greater asset diversification.

Just like CP100, Capital Preservation 200 will invest exclusively in short term loans, collateralized by real estate. Underwriting standards will be the same for both funds, although CP 200 will have the ability to also invest in loans with equity participation.

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