Completed in 2017

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Estimated Finished Value: $35,000,000

The Creekwood subdivision consists of 196 homes over four phases. It was developed as an entry-level residential community with the goal of supplying the high demand for this product type in the suburban Vancouver submarket.

Romano Capital acquired the property as raw land and then developed it into finished lots. The land was subject to both zoning restrictions and a county design overlay standard. Romano Capital worked with the county to meet these requirements and deliver high quality entry-level homes.

The 196-lot subdivision was completed in four phases. The final homes in the subdivision were completed in 2017.

The land at 1st St and 192nd Ave is currently undeveloped, with nine acres in the planning stages. The lot is located between Costco and Union High School on 1st St.

The parcel was formerly owned by the Evergreen School District as part of the Union High School Campus. The land was unused by the district and seen as a high value development opportunity.

Currently the land is being developed with multiple end users in mind. The parcel is being engineered for mixed uses including office, retail and residential. Once complete, the development will include a vibrant mix of tenants and services.

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Completed in 2017

Estimated Finished Value: $50,000,000