Put Your Money Where Your Neighborhood Is By Investing Locally

December 29, 2022 at 10:45 am PST

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If you’re reading this, you may already be investing somehow; maybe it’s stocks, bonds, or other traditional options. Whatever your investment of choice is, it’s safe to say you’re keen on making your money work hard for you.

Looking ahead at a year of economic uncertainty, you may be considering alternative investment routes. Enter real estate: a form of investment that allows you to invest in the local economy while reaping what you sowed, and then some. Real estate isn’t subject to the same financial fluctuation as traditional investments and may provide an added defense against market volatility. And, there are tons of ways to invest in real estate without having to manage tenants, leaks, or difficult neighbors.

So, you’re interested now, right?

Well, there’s a company in the greater Portland metro area that may be able to help you invest in real estate locally. Founded by longtime investor and land developer Kess Romano, Romano Capital is a private equity firm specializing in real estate investment and lending. Romano Capital sponsors investment opportunities designed for the local community that may offer protection from traditional market uncertainty.

The company started in 2003 in Vancouver as a loan brokerage business and has since grown into an investment company focusing on real estate with vertically integrated subsidiaries that support its investments. These affiliates include construction, development, asset management, and real estate agency and sales. Each of these specialties serves to support the underlying investments managed by the firm.

Real Estate investing can take many forms, most commonly as direct ownership of private property. Romano seeks to provide multiple alternative structures to best suit investor needs. Often, these take the form of equity ownership in a real estate holding fund, or as a note holder with fixed interest payments. Each of these structures provides an opportunity for smaller investors to participate in big investments. Depending on the investor’s unique needs, it may be advantageous to diversify across multiple real estate projects rather than being directly invested in one.

Kess Romano, Founder of Romano Capital.

A standard Romano Capital-sponsored investment will identify the real estate opportunity and build a fund around this project, then offer the fund to their network of investors. Romano Capital relies on its vertically integrated structure to see the opportunity through from start to finish. In doing so, investors are relieved of the time-consuming hassles of individual real estate investment such as property maintenance, management, and sale analysis.

While investing always comes with risks, there are ways to manage those risks depending on your particular risk profile. And it starts with having an investment partner who prioritizes transparency and its clients’ best interests. 

If you want to further contribute to your community’s development, or explore diversification through alternative investments, investing in local real estate may be worth exploring. Romano Capital focuses specifically on investment in the greater Portland metropolitan area, including Vancouver, Washington.

“As a company investing in and developing local real estate projects, we support the Portland metro housing market through the creation of residential housing to help solve the housing shortage. We provide investors with the opportunity to invest locally, watch these investments benefit their own community in a tangible way, and, at the same time, add to their wealth management” shares Romano.

If you’re thinking of adding real estate investments to your existing portfolio or want to start your investing journey, Romano Capital is a great place to start. Romano Capital is headquartered at 4600 NE 77th Ave Suite 200, Vancouver, WA. To learn more about investment opportunities in real estate, visit romanocapital.com or call (360) 952-3811.