Romano Capital: Why Invest in Clark County/Southwest Washington

Published in Portland Tribune May 2022

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Long considered a suburb of Portland, Clark County has grown into its own well connected, resident-focused region sustained by investment in business and community. Clark County is recognized as one of the most inclusive, healthy, and amenity rich areas in the country.

Many Clark County and SW Washington locals have taken advantage of the area’s success through real estate investment. Kess Romano, a long time investor and developer in Clark County, speaks about his company, Romano Capital, stating, “We are part of the PDX community, supporting housing market solutions through creating multifamily housing to help solve the housing shortage. Helping Clark County is helping Portland. We seek to provide investors an opportunity to invest in our community, while also building wealth while literally watching their investment grow and develop.”

How Romano Capital is Unique:

Romano Capital is an alternative investment firm specializing in real estate development and lending. Its primary market is the greater Portland area with a focus in Clark County. Romano designs and sponsors both single purpose, project-based offerings, and diversified, perpetual investment funds. Each fund is designed to provide opportunities for investors with varying needs and strategies including debt or equity-based positions in private money lending, development, construction, and property and asset management.

Romano Capital believes in full transparency with investors and manages risk by investing alongside them in its projects. Romano Capital succeeds when its investors succeed. Romano Capital sets itself apart from other developers with its emphasis on fund structure and putting investors first.